client: miscellanyfinds

I’ve been working with miscellanyfinds since 2013 and added a few branding elements to help flush out their story: the strong black woman, the shopper, and the swirls. The logo was already created when I came on as a designer, but Portia, the boss lady, gives me full reign on creativity.  She loves it when I can funk things up.  Recently, I have been creating patterns out of the branding elements and using them mixed into the photos I take for the Instagram feed to give it an arty/edgy look.

The Kiss: If you are a #socent or #socialenterprise give yourself a kiss for all you do. (posted on Twitter, Instagram Story, and FB page)


I manage the Instagram account for the store and update it regularly with photos  @miscellanyfinds  I don’t overpost because I detest that from others so I don’t do it to them. I prefer Instagram over any other social media platform for miscellanyfinds. That is where we get the most love and her followers are building organically. She gets phone calls at the store for sales from what I post, and that to me is gold. We want to cultivate our followers to be local so they can easily come into the store and avoid mailing.

Diversity is key in their imagery. It is important to show people of colour, of all genders, and age in the social media feeds so that everyone feels welcome into the thrift store.  My best model so far has been a 91-year-old man from Trinidad, see below.

Instagram posts

Capture1 (2)



Instagram ICONS

When I met Portia from miscellanyfinds in 2013, she asked me to design her website, and increase her online presence. I designed: with help from the fantastic WordPress teacher and developer: Jill Binder.


MiscellanyFiinds Thrift Store: from print to online


Created a Twitter account for the store in 2014 and keep it updated with
photos, sale event graphics. 


Among increasing the online presence, I designed and printed in-store on the rack sale cards, wayfinding signs to sale signs, and other printed collateral for marketing.

client: miscellanyfinds
Print and online graphics

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In-store sticker sign 2014


grab it and bag it sale

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2014  – Named the sale and created printed and online posters.

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facebook capture


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