Various publications

2007 – 2010 stand-alone print, after 2010 – a section in BeatRoute
Local – Live and LOUD!
Publication founder, designer, and photo editor, manager editor
Local music newspaper started in 2007 – 2010 to cover the “underground” music overlooked by the mainstream media. I managed photographers, writers and dealt with printers and ad clients. We changed formats a few different times but the animation below shows our first format. It was one-page tab folded to be skinny. The printer forgot to fold it once and we like it, so we changed formats. See below.
In 2010, the Skinny became a section of BeatRoute Magazine.
Animation: I created a mockup 
to show advertisers and partners before the first publication.

Selected covers of different issues. We started with a one-page tab folded to be skinny.

The newer format, without the fold and one more page added in, allowed for a bigger cover.

Boomtown Arts and Entertainment 1991 to 1993
Coverage of the arts and entertainment scene in the Okanagan. Monthly publication. This was my first publication, though I had worked for a couple of years just out of college at Transcontinental West in the prepress department, getting publications camera ready and burning plates, so I knew how to do it. I moved back to the Okanagan where I grew up and started and managed this paper for 3 years until I moved back to Vancouver for more education in graphics.
Logo design, publication designer, publisher, managing editor
Selected pages
Various clients
Cover design, formatting inside



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