About ME

Tanya (Dollymomma)

I have over 20 years of experience in design, illustration, and 3D.
These past years—and especially during the pandemic—I have been building
my design company, Dollymomma Design.

My clients include Arts Umbrella, UBC Foods, UBC AMS, BC Epilepsy Society, miscellanyfinds, Forte Law, Britannia IB Program, Grandview-Woodland Food Connection, Bold New Girls, Blue
Monkey, and White Monkey Design.
As a life-long learner, I have attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design,
Vancouver Film School, and BCIT. I have also taken classes at Video In and
Video Out, Ladies Learning Code, MakerLabs: Tools for Women, and Vancouver
Tool Library. Other classes and workshops include sculpture, pattern classes at
Our Social Fabric, and Zoom life-drawing sessions.
During these days of isolation, I stay on top of design by reading blogs and watching online tutorials.
Please email me for my resume or any inquiries:


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