Welcome to the portfolio site of Tanya Van, a Vancouver based graphic artist. Contact me at dollymommadesign@gmail.com

As a graphic and production artist with over 20 years of experience, I strive to make eye catching artwork that balances creativity with technical knowledge.

My portfolio spans a range of mediums, including marketing collateral, packaging, publications, digital/print ads, e-newsletters, websites, outdoor/indoor signage, 3D design, and props.

I am skilled in both traditional and digital techniques, and am equally comfortable drawing by hand or using a Wacom tablet.

After graduating from a graphic and visual design college, I began my career in the printing industry, where I gained valuable experience in prepress and designing for print. These days, I manage the printing needs for my clients, family and friends because I enjoy it and I want it done right.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in creating computer files for various printing techniques, such as lithography, flexographic printing, offset printing, silk screening, 3D printing, laser cutting, engraving, embroidery, and CNC.

I hold a Diploma in Graphic and Visual Design from Kwantlen College (now Wilson School of Design), 3D Animation and Design at BCIT, and more (listed on my resume).

My experience spans various industries, including education, fashion, film and television, food and beverage, animation, gaming, advertising, and my first love: magazine and newspaper.

I have worked for a variety of organizations, including Business in Vancouver / Glacier Media Communications, and more recently, Cast and Crew Entertainment Services. I have 2 IMBD credits for Art Director.

I like to do branding projects for small, independent, local businesses, including print collateral, website design using platforms like WordPress and Shopify, social media management, marketing, and store signage.

Currently, I am working on a English/Russian industrial sewing manual for Ukrainian Displaced People. The project involves working with the Cyrillic Alphabet and requires collaboration with a Russian translator.

Overall, I believe that my diverse experience and technical skills could add value to any team.

Please feel free to ask for my resume dollymommadesign@gmail.com. Enjoy the rest of the portfolio site.

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